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HumanZyme USA
HumanZyme is a producer of highly authentic recombinant human proteins from human cells, suitable for Stem Cell Research, Diagnostics, Drug Discovery and Biopharmaceutical markets. It also supplies antibodies derived from HumanKine proteins.
HumanZyme, Inc. is the global leader in providing highly authentic recombinant human proteins from human cells. They have cost-effective process for production of scalable proteins suitable for research, diagnostic, drug discovery and biopharmaceutical markets. 
HumanZyme leverages its proprietary engineered human cells, expression vector, and cell culture media to ensure high-yield production of recombinant proteins with native human post-translational modifications, such as disulfide bonds and glycosylation. They are a leading provider of cytokines and growth factors and a preferred outsourcing supplier of human protein production. Their products and services support a broad range of customers worldwide--from academic and government research institutions to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.
Oscar Diagnostics is an authorized Indian distributor of HumanZyme, to market & supply their products to the Indian Labs. We welcome your product inquiries. Kindly contact us at  or +91-11-27345559.
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..........We are pleased to acknowledge that the ELISA kits we used are good at performance. The quick service from Oscar was extremly remarkable.....
By : Dr. Amit Sharma