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GeneOn GmbH Germany
GeneOn supplies products for advance Molecular Biology research. The product range includes Nucelic acids purification kits, PCR Reagents, Electrophoresis Chemicals, Restriction Enzymes & Diagnostic PCR Master mix.
GeneON is specializes in Molecular Biology with more than 200 products covering common molecular biology applications including 3D Transfection Reagents, DNA Transfer Reagents, siRNA Transfer, Protein Delivery Systems, Transfection Reagent, DNA Purification Kits, PCR Reagents, Electrophoresis Reagents, Cloning Vectors & Restriction Enzymes.
GeneON offers solutions for all steps from nucleotides to protein. We listen to our customer feed-back and implement their suggestions into our developments and assortment.
Oscar Diagnostics is an authorized Indian distributor of GeneON, to market & supply their products to the Indian Labs. We welcome your product inquiries. Kindly contact us at  or +91-11-27345559.
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..........We are pleased to acknowledge that the ELISA kits we used are good at performance. The quick service from Oscar was extremly remarkable.....
By : Dr. Amit Sharma