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Biomed Diagnostics, Inc. USA
Biomed is an innovative manufacturer of microbiology diagnostic devices identify bacteria, parasites, fungi in Clinical, veterinary & Environmental samples.
Biomed Diagnostics Inc. is an innovative manufacturer of microbiology diagnostic devices that save money and time, improve workflow and throughput, and reduce sample exposure and contamination. 
Medical professionals, veterinarians, research teams, and environmental and industry scientists worldwide accurately identify bacteria, parasites, fungi, and more using Biomed point-of-care ready devices using Biomed’s range of products.
Biomed’s Clinical range of products diagnose, prescreen and investigate the effect of pathogens on humans with easy-to-use, low-cost Biomed microbiology devices. The patented InTray™ and InPouch™ devices combine sample collection, transport, and culture in a single platform. They make sample handling easier and smoother workflow. They reduce risk of exposure or contamination. InTray™ products featuring Colorex™ technology enable easy-to-interpret visual results from a simple color change.
Biomed’s Veterinary diagnostic devices are used worldwide to take care of large and companion animals. InPouch™ TF Bovine and InPouch™ TF Feline are Gold Standards for robust, economical diagnostics. Their success led to the launch of additional products for animal care, from contagious equine metritis to urinary tract infections to fungal infections like ringworm and tinea. With 10 veterinary microbiology diagnostics to choose from, Biomed tests for a wide range of infections and illnesses in large and companion animals. Biomed’s multifunctional devices deliver high specificity and sensitivity, whether conducting a fungal evaluation or screening for suspected pathogenic bacteria. The unique design of InTray™ and InPouch™ provide an easy-to-use, low-cost microbiology diagnostic for in the lab or in the field. Each device preserves the specimen for additional testing, including PCR.
Biomed’s  Environmental Analysis products offer quality and safety of the water supply and processed foods to reduce spread of hospital-acquired infection. Scientists use InTray™ and InTray™ Colorex™ devices to quickly, safely and economically screen and identify bacteria and other organisms. The unique package design and use of solid media/agar make Biomed products especially effective in the field or austere environments.
Oscar Diagnostics is an authorized Indian distributor of Biomed, to market & supply their products to the Indian Labs. We welcome your product inquiries. Kindly contact us at  or +91-11-27345559.
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..........We are pleased to acknowledge that the ELISA kits we used are good at performance. The quick service from Oscar was extremly remarkable.....
By : Dr. Amit Sharma